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日本に来る前に知るべき5つのポイントとは?? [Introduction of Japan]

How to deal with Japanese people!!


【Youtube "Siawase Wo Wakenasai(しあわせをわけなさい:Share your happiness)"】

Hi, guys!!


Today, I write about how to get happiness here in Japan!!


Sadly, many foreigners are failed to have happy life in Japan completely!!


However all Japanese have gentle hearts to share our happiness with you...


So...Please do not hesitate to come over!!



芸者、思い込みを粉々に砕いちゃうぞ!! [Introduction of Japan]

"Geisha=芸者” means an Entertainer(Artist)だぞ!!


【YouTube "Being a Maiko(Geisha)" 】

Hi, guys!!


Today, I talk about very interesting issue about typical images of Japanese girls...Geisha!!


I think many of you might have seen on TV, read books or read private blogs about Geisha, and have recognised that Geisha girls are generally stated as hookers!!


Well...well...well...The wall of cultural difference is here again!!


But many of native Japanese are misunderstand them too...so doesn't matter ~(^^)~


I do not really care whether you are right or wrong (^^)/


However this wrong interpretation is too pity against their effort of work, please correct your biased beliefs right now by reading this crap article!!


Please note that the above picture, Yuka Kawamura is wearing a common type of Japanese dress(Kimono) but it is different from the formal Geisha Kimonos!!


Are you still interested in Geisha girls??


Let's shift to the next session!!




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AKB48 The most popular "Idol" unit in Japan!! [Introduction of Japan]

You can actually meet with AKB members at Akihabara, Tokyo!! 

【Youtube AKB48 "Poni-teiru to Shushu(French: Chouchoute,Cute=Precious) "】

*Note: Poni-teiru=Ponytail,  Song starts from 2:05



  • アーティスト:
  • 出版社/メーカー: キングレコード
  • 発売日: 2010/05/26
  • メディア: CD

Today, I would like to introduce you the most popular Japanese "Idol" unit from Japan...


AKB48 is so popular, Many of you might think I'm run out of ideas!!

Even so, Don't try to make me a complaint!!

Ahahaha...No, No, It's not true!!

I have plenty of amusing ideas for to publish more. (^o^)

Back to the theme...This significant unit catches the hearts of young Japanese people completely!!

Hence I think this AKB48 is the best symbol to represent our "Kawaii(cute)" loving cultures!!

But you might think that they look too young and Japanese are abusing children forced to wear such sensational swimming gears.

No worries!!

For to relieve your shocking heart...They look very young but they are more than High school students or even more!!

In the addition to the above, Japan is a democratic country, they have a human rights to reject any activities with denial if they not want to do so.

Anyway, for your more information, "Chouchoute"'s actual meaning of practical French grammar is "Ma chouchoute (My+Cute or Precious+Girl or Lady)"....

We have converted from the actual French meaning to our original meaning,  "Scrunchie=Cute=Chouchoute" as in a typical Japanese way. (^_^)

So, Everyone...Savvy??


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Amazing Japanese Pop Musics for worldwide cool music lovers!! [Introduction of Japan]

The great Japanese songs:
You will be impressed!!


【Youtube Originally acted by May'n & Megumi Nakajima "Sayonara no Tsubasa"】

*Note: Above MV is created by the authorized copy band

【Amazon Link "Macross frontier the movie Part2-Sayonara no Tsubasa-Songs & OST album "】

劇場版マクロスF サヨナラノツバサ netabare album the end of”triangle”

劇場版マクロスF サヨナラノツバサ netabare album the end of”triangle”

  • アーティスト:
  • 出版社/メーカー: フライングドッグ
  • 発売日: 2011/03/09
  • メディア: CD

If you think about Japan, What is your images??

Samurai, Ninja, Geisha??

Those "occupations" had decayed more than a hundred years ago!!

You might also have feelings like...

kinky? weird? creepy? incomprehensible? savage?

to Japanese people.

Do not step into a maze!!

Throw away those ancient rotten images!!

The most representative essence for to understand our mind, is to listen Japanese pop musics!!

This is Japan and Japanese!!

So...close your prejudice, listen to our hearts!!


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SABIKI fishing!! Have an excitement you'd never experienced before!! [Introduction of Japan]

Introduction of SABIKI Fishing


G'day, everyone!!

Far away from the past Fishing theme as a twisted person,
I introduce you...

The SABIKI fishing!!

The SABIKI fishing is the most easy way to get fresh fishes,

So...No hobbies??
Let’s try out!!

To enjoy the SABIKI fishing...

All you need to do is, just go and get the tackles, set the needles and
flow it out into the sea, then wait for a few moments...

You've got a pile of fishes(lol)


The SABIKI Fishing is highly recommended to a pair of couple and families with small children, who are wasting valuable holidays at home.

Just imagine!!

Facing up to the open sea, Under the warm spring sunlight along with your families and love ones!!
Don't you think it's nice??

The SABIKI fishing is the enjoyable sport bringing you a happy time!!

So, don't waste your time, try now!!


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Introduction of Japan ブログトップ